Miami Fusion F.C founded in 2013 by InteliSport alongside Ferdinando DeMattaheis, is an elite soccer club with a developmental program of high quality competitive standards to represent Miami.

As a Miami Sports Commission official soccer team, we gather local and international World Class Players to represent Miami in the U.S.A and Worldwide.

We have chosen NPSL since it is a professionally run Soccer League in the United States. Due to great talents like Chairman, Joe Barone, and the NPSL committee, we have been given the freedom to perform nationwide and internationally. With our 2015 season debut, we had an extremely successful first year, by being crowned Sunshine Conference Champion and having the honor of representing Florida at the Regional Finals and in the 2016 U.S Open Cup.

Our primary objective is to carry the name of Miami with pride and honor on and off the field. We strongly believe in the Beautiful Game and our main goal is to bring great soccer to Miami at a professional level.

Miami Fusion F.C and InteliSport are here with the wonderful vision of creating a Dream Team that can only be achieved through the passion, love and support of our beloved city.

Miami Fusion F.CWe are the Dream