This project was founded three years ago and took a lot of strategic planning and efficient tactics before going public with the new brand. Ferdinando DeMatthaeis along side InteliSport Inc. have the vision to create a “Dream Team” and an elite club with a developmental program of high quality to represent Miami and its rightful name. We have a strong support system coming from European soccer experts. Also, our team will be composed of players and staff from USA, Latin America, and Europe. In addition, we will be receiving worldwide recognition by playing overseas as well as hosting international games.

We have chosen NPSL since it is a professionally run Soccer League in the United States. Due to great talents like Chairman, Joe Barone, and the NPSL committee, we have been given the freedom to perform nationwide and internationally. We are beyond thrilled to start in this 2015 season!

Miami Fusion FC will be enhanced as we are in collaboration with the other teams in South Florida. There is currently a high level of play that is present in this part of the country and our goal is to create even more prevalence. Miami has always been considered a “touristic” city a primary objective of ours is to demonstrate to the public that Miami and its fans are ready and eager to support and watch quality organized soccer. The Miami Fusion Team System consists of a First Team that we call the “Platinum Team”. This team is composed of impressive talent from Florida as well as nationwide and international soccer players. The Miami Fusion Team System will also have its youth feeding teams, which are called the “Gold and Silver Teams”. Additionally, this advanced Team System will integrate a Women’s Program.

With the great help of our beloved city, community partners, and sponsors, the Miami Fusion FC is honored to be carrying the Miami city name on and off the field.